महाराष्ट्र टेकनिकल ऐजूकेशन



1. The advancement of science specially in Computer, Beauty cultural, Montesary, Shivanclass, technical skill etc. and to afford the means for Facilitating the acquisition and preservation of knowledge.
2. To hold Examination in various faculties twice a year and award Diplomas, Certificate & Prizes.
3. To print, publish, sell, send or distribute books and Magazines.
To receive and apply donations and fees from persons and institutions desiring to promote the association. To do all such other legal things as are conducive to the attainment of the above objects. To unite all Institutes brotherly cooperation and improve the standard of Teaching and provide help to them. To prepare standard and pulsating syllabus for various courses based on current requirement of industry & society. to inspire the student community to join various institutes make them and be satisfied with high standard of Teaching under B.T.E.
4. To settle any dispute amicably between Institutes as also students.


Education is necessary to learn and put is to use to enamor livelihood. The Nation has made Primary Education compulsory. It also provides higher education and specialization in various Trades.
Now every one cannot take advantage of Higher Education. Every one cannot be Engineer or doctor. Education has become very costly and Fees are beyond the means of a middle class. You require more than 90% marks to get in good colleges. So also Jobs are scarce. What to do then?

Private Institutes:-    

The only way is to have small and private institutes to fill the gap. Many a time it has been noted that private institutes teach much better and in a human way than the Government Institutes. We have seen that private hospitals and those run by missionaries gives better service than Government and Municipal dispensaries. The Private Institutes should be work efficiently and with a missionary seal to teach in a better manner and at reasonable fees.

You Deserve the Best:

Seeing a fertile field many jumped in to open private institutes for private and commercial purposes giving least idea to teach well. Many Institutes promised the sky but went under the sea. Beautiful and free prospectus, multicolor color diploma certificates concession in fees and even commissions to get the student fees. Students become disgusted with recognized as also un-recognized Institutes.

Bombay Technical Education:

Looking to these and other drawbacks the B.T.E. Maharashtra was formed in 2000 registered under society’s Registration MAHARASHTRA TECHNICAL EDUCATION No. MAH/103 Act in 2000 and Bombay public Trust Acts 1950 in 2000 to improve the condition. The formation of B.T.E. and the duties of the office bears have been given in detail in the constitution of the B.T.E. The main object of the B.T.E. is to prepare students to stand on their own with hard work and Devotion to Duty. Not to look or seek help from the Government but from industry and public cooperation. At the present there are above 200 institute from only vidarbha affiliated to B.T.E. They are preparing students for Examinations being conducted by B.T.E. Presently there are number of subjects such as computers, Beauty cultural, Montecary, Shivanclass, technical skill Faculties for which the examination are being conducted.

Why Affiliation:

‘Agmark, ‘ISI’, ‘ISO’ is the trade mark fix by the Govt. of India. The recognized companies are allowed to fix this mark on their products and the public is thus assured that the products of standard quality and is gaur anted to give full satisfaction. Ore than 200 institutes have joined under the Banner of B.T.E. From Vidharbha Nagpur region only. If you have full fit in rules and regulations and fit for B.T.E. registration then you have rights opportunity. To affiliated with B.T.E.


B.T.E. circulates a bulletin from time to time to apprise the member of the activities of the B.T.E. The circulars will cover the important decisions taken in the managing committee meeting and examination board meeting and will help the affiliated institutions situated at distant places maintaining close association with B.T.E.


The examinations of the different courses are conducted by the B.T.E. twice in a year in accordance with rules framed by the examination board.                          a) Scheme of Examination:- The Particulars or details of various trades are given in the syllabus.
b) Medium of Examination:- The question papers for examinations in different courses are set in English, Hindi & Marathi.
c) Centre of Examinations:- The centers are allocated to the affiliated institution after rigid inspection. Theory centre requires 125 students. Practical centre requires 25 students.
d) Old question papers and notes also available to the affiliated institution and students at a cost of Rs. 100/- each.

Issue of Certificates & Diplomas:-

Final certificate and diplomas are issued with Result of third Exam. From the date of declaration of results. Duplicate certificate will be issued at the cost of Rs. 100/- on application with affixture.

Awards and Merits Certificates:-    

B.T.E. also issues merit certificates and awards for one student in each courses. Issue of final certificate, awards is governed by the rules framed by B.T.E.

How to get Affiliation B.T.E.    

1. Application form is to be filled up by the Head of Institute and send with signature of Head of Institutes and Principal.
2. An affiliation fees & inspections fees Rs. 3000/- is to be sent to the office.
3. An annual renewal fees of Rs. 300/- is to be paid before month of March by D.D. or pay order with required document.
4. If yours center result will be less than 35% you be come in re- affiliation list.
5. The Institute desiring to have a centre for theory and practical examinations will be inspected before the grant of centre.
6. At the time of renewal inspection. If we found any false information about your centre. We will reaserve rights to cancel your affiliation, without any information.
7. Prier reserves rights.
                a) To refuse affiliation without giving any reasons.
                b) To withdrawal the affiliation of the institutes that fail to send less than 15 students in 2 consecutive examinations.
                c) To withdraw affiliation for breach of rule/ conduct.

The affiliated institutes should to satisfy the following conditions:-

a) A class room accommodation for conducting theory batch of 10 Nos. of students table has to be provided.
b) A laboratory or workshop with adequate equipment for training of candidate in the subjects, for which affiliation is tough, has to be made available.
c) Staff engaged for teaching theory and practical work should have adequate recognized qualifications and experience in the subjects they teach. d) The courses conducted should have duly specified timing for lectures and practical work.
e) A library of standard technical books on the concerned subjects is to be maintained.


Syllabus: -

Syllabus of every faculty has been carefully prepared looking to the need of the hour. All institutes ate requested to follow the syllabus that common examination can easily be taken and students get standard educations. Syllabus for each subject available at B.T.E. office at a cost of Rs. 100/- each.

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